Modular Kitchen

Customized Modular Kitchen Interiors :

We offer all modular kitchen interior related installations and services under one roof. We have experience and expertise in all areas related to modular kitchen interiors and can execute complex customer requirements with ease. Our wide experience, varied subcontract bank and technically qualified personnel enable us to offer any and all of the following services:

- Civil Works - Plumbing Works - Ceiling and Floorings – Electrical -

Packaged Modular Kitchen Interiors :

J Design has a ready to install, fully fitted standard or customized furniture package for residents of any size . This ready to install , no hassle furniture range includes :

1. S.S.304 Designer Basket

2. S.S. Wall Hanging Accessories

3. MDF Designer Shutters

4. Marine Ply Post Formed Shutter

5. Solid Wood Shutter

6. Marine Ply Carcass

7. Exclusive Imported Hardware

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