About Us

J Design is a perfectionist of the twenty – first century. A young & dynamic organization created with a passion. The passion to help bring great design ideas to life. Be it a home, an office, hotel, mall or a retail store.

J Design houses the expertise and experience to work in tandem with designers and architects in shaping facades, interiors, lighting, and everything else that goes into bringing an interior design to life.

Apart from the hard technical skills, J Design also has the essential soft skill to help take every transaction to its best possible conclusion . Soft skill like understanding customer need and customer budget prioritizing.

Company History

J Design division of Infology System, a young organization brought to life in 2012, we exhibit the same die-hard passion and determination when it comes to our work. Our work? Creating and executing interior designs. Home Environments. Work Environments. Retail Environments. Hospitality Environments.

Our youth ensures vibrancy. Though we have been in the field for less then a decade, our palette of work executed for a variety of organizations brings forth a freshness in quality of conceptual implementation. Our size ensures delivery. We may be young but we do pack the size to command all resources requisite for timely, cost effective and impressive project execution. Resources like mechanized manufacturing, trade and supply networks, experienced professionals.

Our understanding ensures customer satisfaction, our professionalism ensures excellence. Driven by a breed of experienced and dedicated professionals, J Design breathes its professionalism into every project it handles. Ensuring every project it undertakes remains not just a project but an experience.

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